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A quick glance at the concept.

SnapPlugs were designed and created by a body piercer who analyzed current stretching methods and sought to find a solution to common problems often associated with stretching a piercing. A series of SnapPlugs consists of 10 individual 'plugs' that insert steps in between the traditional sizes. Each SnapPlug has a circumfrence increase of about 1mm, making each stretch gentle, easy and pain free. SnapPlugs also interlock with eachother and have a built in “Transition Ramp” - Making the transfer from one SnapPlug to the next as easy and smooth as possible. No more blowouts. No more painful stretches.


It's all about the circumference!

The idea is really simple. When it comes to stretching, it is all about the circumference. By using small and even changes in circumference between one SnapPlug to the next, a safer and more comfortable stretch is realized while reducing the risk of damage and blowouts.

Let us look at an example: Stretching a piercing with jewelry that changes by only 1mm in diameter, would result in about a 3mm change in circumference. In comparison, to stretch a piercing by 1mm in diameter using SnapPlugs, it would require about three stretches. This is because SnapPlugs are designed with gradual, systematic changes in circumference of about 1mm, which equate to only about 0.32mm change in diameter per jump.

All other methods of stretching involve products that depend on the standard jewelry sizes that have varying changes in diameter, which result in erratic changes in circumference. Many traditional stretches require skin to stretch as much as 5mm in one stretch, which can cause a great deal of discomfort and damage to the piercing. Even plugs that have small 1mm changes in diameter, result in a stretch that is 3 times as large as a stretch with SnapPlugs.


The parts of the part.


A systematic solution to common stretching problems.

Step One

Remove the FrontCap on the next SnapPlug in your series.

Step Two

Remove the BackCap from the SnapPlug currently in your piercing.

Step Three

Connect the two SnapPlugs together and squeeze for a tight connection.

Step Four

While supporting your earlobe, push the SnapPlugs through your piercing.

Step Five

Disconnect the old SnapPlug and discard.

Step Six

Replace the FrontCap on the new SnapPlug in your ear.


The secret to a smooth stretch.


One try is all you need, no lost connections.


Makrolon 2458

  • Makrolon is a medical grade polycarbonate.
  • Can be safely autoclaved.
  • Resistant to chemicals and will not degrade with sweat.
  • Has a smooth surface and is able to keep it's shape and dimensions without warping in different temperatures and humidity leveles.
  • Latex, Silicone and Acrylic Free.
  • Biocompatibility: ISO 10993-10

Made in the USA

Quality and Control is important to us.

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